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Marriage / Engagement Gifts

Weddings & engagements are an occasion for the entire family to get together and rejoice, No matter how far they may travel. As a result, all the relatives are given gifts/treats in order to treat them well and express your excitement and thanks.

Traditional wedding gifts typically consist of boxes with Indian sweets or a collection of assorted varieties or box of dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and raisins, which represent richness, abundance, and class.

Delicious "amaz U" Gift boxes make a wonderful occasion even better. Please contact us for a variety of style and budget customizations.

Corporate Gifts

Organisations / Firms go after their corporate gifting around Diwali or as a gesture of appreciation for project accomplishment.

Now Put an end to the continuous supply of boring chocolate and candy packs. Instead Choose our wide selection of traditional and personalised "amaz U" gifts to delight your clients, colleagues, and staff. Traditional Treats are always a great choice. On Diwali, there's nothing more delightful than receiving a lovely gift of delectable sweets.

Traditional "amaz U" savoury delights create a moment of return appreciation while keeping under your budget. Please get in touch with us.

Festival Gifts

‘amaz U’ is delighted to assist you in unboxing this festive Special Sweet Box, which contains a delicious collection of India's most cherished sweets.

Indian festivals are known for their traditional regional uniqueness, each state in India will have its own unique flavoured sweet dish, and its packaging should represent that.which will have a reflection of that energy, values, and cultural feel on the special occasion of festival happiness. Those vibrant colours and mouth watering sweets will make everyone go craving hard , this classic Sweet pack will undoubtedly delight your senses!

‘amaz U’ is full of real delicacies prepared with chemical-free ingredients. Share it with your family, friends, clients, and coworkers, they'll love you for it. Everyone deserves to be cherished and nothing beats receiving amazing sweets boxes.

Birthday Gifts

‘amaz U’ Nutty chocolates and birthday gifts make people feel special.

Birthdays are always a time for celebration. It is a celebration of life that is yet to come and the life that has already been lived to the fullest. Birthdays are a celebration that brings in a joyful new year and bids farewell to the one that has passed. Such a special occasion deserves to be celebrated with special treats.

'amaz U' gift packs for kids are a thoughtful gift - a sweet way of expressing your love and exciting with healthy & nutty flavour bites to welcome a new chapter in life.