Welcome to Amaz U Foods & Co.
Your Best source to get the most cherished Indian traditional snacks!

“amaz U Foods & Co." is located in the heartland of Andhra Pradesh, in southern India, and was born out of a desire to preserve native traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Our commitment to preserve the legacy of traditional snacks has inspired us to travel across India in search of the most delectable and popular snacks that encapsulate our culture and the original Grandma's recipes.

We are ecstatic to have transformed our passion into a product that everyone can relish, offering you the gourmet snacking experience from the hinterlands of India to across the GLOBE.

Our Values


At amaz U, From the procurement of raw materials to our final packaging, we follow the most hygienic process Before entering our manufacturing process, here all the raw materials are graded and segregated to fulfil our high standards. The entire preparation is carried out in various zones.

  • Zone 1 Is responsible for grading and sterilising the raw materials to eradicate any existing microbes.
  • Zone 2 This is where the magic happens, in the hands of highly experienced chefs and employees. To maintain our high standards, this entire zone undergoes UV sterilised and sanitised on a regular basis.
  • Zone 3 We handle modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in a hermetically sealed environment that is vacuumed and infused with N2, ensuring that the snacks remain fresh and long-lasting.

Our basic philosophy of "Health over Wealth '' is maintained in all three zones, which are maintained 100% hygienic with extreme cleanliness.


We source a wide variety of natural ingredients that are native and specific to certain regions of India, resulting in a unique blend of flavour and nostalgic experience. Our quality control team guarantees that we receive high-grade organic products from our trusted suppliers, allowing us to create high-quality and delicious snacks while bringing back healthy snacking.


To retain the genuine essence of Grandma's recipes, we maintain the original authentic recipe intact and painstakingly reproduce the procedure with commitment in the preparation of all our Sweets and Namkeen's, to bring back nostalgic tastes and fulfill the expectation of our discerning consumers.